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Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Redeye", or "An Ode to Coffee"

I am no poet, but for fun, I submit this little ditty for your criticism:


For all who dare put pen to page, I cry!
When sleep doth claw at eyes, words lose appeal
and thoughts do flee like birds to realms surreal.
How can a mind give chase and seek to fly?

When slumber lurks long past its welcome, why
must writers strain to call the muse to heel?
Wherefore me must above our downfall reel?
Some errand we must take; a stiff red-eye!

A shot of black, plunged deep in darkness hot!
Where caffeine lurks, and earthy notes exhale,
where "bitter" tastes so sweet, and sleep rules not.

Oh coffee stark and true, you find our plot!
Thou coffee black and strong, with you none ail!

Without your aid, our dreams would go unwrought.

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